Vacuum energy and Quantum fluctuation.

A simple design to evaluate the existence of quantum vacuum energy/fluctuation and to exploit it as a source of propulsion.


  • I do not believe in perpetual motion machines or any pseudo-science!
  • This is NOT a perpetual motion machine!
  • This is a proposition for an experiment.
  • An experiment can not claim anything before being done, so this article does not have any claim, other than conclusions based on different outputs.
  • I…

Universal Space Interface.

A consideration for spacecraft design and developments to make space machines more modular and extendable.


Thinking about the future of the JWST, (which hopefully starts and continues perfectly for a long time🤞), when it runs out of fuel, I realized there is currently no provisioning for extending its life.
The reasoning behind that is that adding a mechanism for re-fueling ( in-space ) would add weight…

An example of a bad technical decision.

Slack APIs are great, but problems exist even in great architectures.


Don’t get me wrong! Slack has some of the greatest designs in terms of API and integration architecture. Their system (for the most part) is so good that sometimes it’s surprising to see how they come up with new ideas to make it even better!

With that being said, this…

Let’s give Sam a second chance!

In contrast to the serverless framework to create a simple API.

AWS SAM vs Serverless framework!


A few years ago, the Serverless framework, as the first -and only for that time- available tool, was a truly great way to utilize the immense power provided by the awesome AWS and Cloudformations (among other providers) to build a realistic serverless application ( even at an enterprise level )…

Is it possible or is it a perpetual motion machine?

A Saga of Directly Downwind Faster Than The Wind!

Another Perpetual Motion Machine?!
A Perpetual Motion Machine or a solution for maritime transportation?!


  • Derek from Veritasium made a video about how DDWFTTW is possible!
  • DDWFTTW is the abbreviation for going Directly Downwind Faster Than The Wind itself. this has been a hot topic of discussion for a long time and for apparent reasons!

Serverless User management system for React.

Dead simple, ready out of the box, User management system, including UI pages and components for React!

Trust me! It’s effortless! Let’s just get to it then!


Let’s get to it!

An easy step-by-step guide to set up and configure a Cognito User Pool.

As part of the series on how to easily create a Front-End (React or Gatsby) with a user-management system using AWS Cognito, here we learn how to set up the Cognito infrastructure.
It is pretty easy, and it’s one of those set it and forget it things that need to happen…

Doing it right is easier than you might think!

In the previous article, we said why you definitely should have multiple AWS accounts! Here we will show you how easy it is to set up a new one!

And of course, you are not going to — and you don’t need to — remember any of this, just come…

Keep projects/accounts clean and reduce costs with more AWS accounts.

I actually recommend multiple accounts per project per environment!

Bellow, we will talk about Why you should follow this practice, then we will talk about How this can be done easily and quickly in a separate article.


AWS console is designed to manage one project per account.
All of its…

Read on! Here is the only working solution!

With the new macOS updates Brew is having a hard time installing MongoDB!

I have used MongoDB for a long time and have had to re-install it every once in a while, but never had such problems as recently I tried to install it on my macOS!

Apple has beefed up the security on recent versions of macOS and messed up HomeBrew ( the recommended way of installing MongoDB ).

TLDR — The solution:

  1. Fix the Brew first but running this command:
    sudo chown -R $(whoami) $(brew --prefix)/*
  2. Tap the new Mongo repo:
    brew tap mongodb/brew
  3. Install MongoDB:
    brew install mongodb-community
  4. Check the brew services:
    brew services list
  5. Start the service if it’s not started or anyway:
    brew services start mongodb-community
  6. Enjoy!😊

mim Armand

Sr Solutions Architect / Technology evangelist and Consultant / Teacher of the Full-Stack Web development courses at Washington University in st. Louis

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