AI prediction #3.

Prophetic/religious models!

mim Armand
Mar 24, 2023


This might sound outrageous or disconnected from reality.
This has not yet happened, not to my knowledge, but it’s inevitable imho.
First, AI will serve people claiming to be prophets, gods, or missionaries.
Then, there are going to be AI models claiming to be prophets themselves, directly bringing to humans the word of God(s)! with no human intervention.

IMO, this is not going to take long! we will see the first prophetic models very soon, and we will see flocks of people starting to follow them as they become better and better.

Traditional religious organizations and power-houses, like the Vatican, might get in the game, or they might rage war against it, and this will be the defining and pivotal point for their future.

We are entering an era of new religions being born right in front of our eyes.




mim Armand

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