Predictions about AI.

AI predictions: #1.

AI-Generated shorts, movies, leading to a new genre.

mim Armand
2 min readApr 30, 2022


It’s unfair to say AI is accessible today, but it is way more accessible and we are way more advanced with AI today than we were with computer 3D graphics, CGI, and rendering back in 1995 when after a few short experimentations, Pixar made its first 3D feature movie: Toy Story and immediately became one of the most successful animation companies in the world, when nobody thought that the technology was ready yet, but suddenly a previously considered impossible unicorn was realized.

I believe, inevitably, the same thing is going to happen with AI, and to be honest, basing our expectations on what Pixar has done, maybe it should have happened already!
A team, a company, someone, will use, almost exclusively, AI to make a full feature film, I’d guess we could see some experimental shorts first this time around too! but eventually the first well-made, fully AI rendered movie will come out and will make a big impact, and then the second, better than the first one, and then the third, and so on and so forth.. gradually AI-Rendered and then AI-Generated movies will become a new and established genre in the movie and entertainment industry, just like 3D animations and VFX are today.

PS: someone should train a model based on historical events to predict the future events in the past!




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