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AI predictions: #2.

AI will never take over the art.

mim Armand
3 min readMay 1, 2022


From the book 1111101000 Robots by Ben Barry @ Wall-E 2

AI may take over almost everything, but I’m certain it can not take over the art, it will rather become a part of the artists' inspiration cycle.

Human art will remain human, as far as humans are out there.

And by art, I do not mean the profession, but the artifacts. art in that sense is the first and oldest thing we know of ourselves as humans and it has remained with us forever; like fifty thousand years old hand-prints over cave walls to today's graffities over brick walls, we were always inspired by our environment and always reflected that back to our environment using not much more than those same hands we left a print of. Those hand prints in turn inspired the next generations of our artistic expression.
Art as a form of expression is much like yelling, screaming, laughing, or crying; it will always come out in its primitive forms!

Today, Dall-E 2, trained over human-made art, can generate unbelievably high-quality, and if I dare to say, sometimes more inspiring works than the original artists may have ever made! perhaps, and mainly, because the new work was generated based on the sophisticated style of an experienced artist at the disposal of another human, making prompts and fine-tuning the output of a process that aggregates many layers of neurons, dreaming, based on a wealth of visual universe consisted of many billions of images.
Of course, it’s not easy for an artist to compete with an enhanced version of itself! but that’s not what artists do, they do not compete, they rather get inspired and inspire, and I suspect that is what going to happen here as well.

The AI was trained, learned, and inspired by pre-AI human artwork, what I called 1st generation art in the above diagram, the results are outstanding, and inspiring to say the least, and so, it will inspire the next generations of art, enhanced based on inspirations made of AI works, made by humans, which in turn will gradually find its way back to the training set of the AI models, completing a cycle of creative art generation, in a generational timeline, between humans and machines they have created.

Rembrandt van Rijn by proximasan @ Disco Diffusion

This is amazing to see this happening, it’s like watching when those first hand-prints were being made on the cave walls, you’d have a feeling that this is just the humble beginnings of much bigger things to come and you were there to watch it happen, and to talk about it!
So let’s talk! let me know what you think!




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