AI prediction #4. Dangerous! ⚠️

Hidden AI Threat Everyone’s Ignoring!

mim Armand
4 min readApr 15


Countless articles explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to replace jobs, disrupt the economy, threaten user privacy, and misuse copyrighted content. While these concerns are valid, they fade in the face of my greatest AI-related fear. I believe these logistical issues will be addressed over time, the economy will adapt and stabilize, and new professions will emerge around the cutting-edge technology and opportunities it presents.

Indeed, AI is poised to reshape society in unimaginable ways, akin to the revolutionary impact of the discovery of fire.

What’s the real concern?

n my opinion, the most significant risk posed by AI models, both current and future (including a possible AGI), is not any of the abovementioned issues. It’s the potential for AI-assisted systems to manipulate our society and control the masses. This chilling capability already exists within today’s technology.

While individual humans may be unpredictable, large groups can be much more easily anticipated based on specific parameters.

It is entirely plausible, and relatively simple, to train an AI model using existing data, tools, and technologies to orchestrate a grand spectacle of manipulation, with humans as unwitting puppets and those wielding AI as the puppet masters. The truly terrifying aspect is that most of these “puppets” would remain blissfully unaware of their manipulation.

No brainwashing needed

It’s crucial to distinguish this phenomenon from traditional propaganda and brainwashing techniques employed by totalitarian governments and organizations. This cutting-edge technology allows for the subtle steering of the masses to desired outcomes: leaving no trace of the orchestrator’s involvement, nor any explicit intentions. It appears (and indeed is) an authentic, grassroots movement with verifiable origins.

In essence, all one needs to do is “assist” people in finding their way to the intended destination by carefully engineering the exposure (or lack thereof) of various content and content creators. This practice is already widespread (in a blind way to brainwash), serving…



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