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ESP32 upload problem on MAC OS

A Guide to Solve Error 2 when uploading to ESP32s with new chips on the latest versions of MacOS.

mim Armand
3 min readJul 10, 2023



Let me cut to the chase, I bought a couple of new ESP32s (because I fried the ones I had) but soon learned that I couldn’t upload to them.
Did some research and learned that there is a new driver, so I found it and installed it, but it didn’t help!
So I went down a rabbit hole of investigation in mostly sketchy-looking Chinese websites, hoping that I’m not gonna install malware ( still praying that I haven’t! ) and saw that there was actually a hint about the problem I was facing in the PDF document that came with the driver file! But the problem was that the PDF was talking about something that didn’t exist in the zip file, and also, the visuals were outdated ( for previous versions of the MAC OS ).

The erro msg I was getting:
A fatal error occurred: Failed to write to target RAM (result was 01070000)
*** [upload] Error 2

So here it is the working solution to save your a$$: I spent 3 days trying to figure it out. Hopefully, you stumble across this guide soon! You’re welcome ;)



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