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Glue to RDS PostgreSQL connection.

This is a quick walk-through to create an RDS connection in Glue.

mim Armand
5 min readSep 26, 2023


This is part of an article to connect Athena to an RDS Postgres; subscribe to be notified when article publishes!

Creating an RDS connector in Glue is easy:

Step 1.

Go to AWS Glue and click on Connections menu.

Step 2.

Click on Create connection in the Connections section ( not the Connectors section! )

Step 3.

Here, you have two options:

  • JDBC: or Java Database Connectivity, is a typical bridge used to connect different applications and systems to relational databases; it’s more standard and cloud-agnostic. Use this if you want to connect to any database, but if your target is RDS ( like this article ), the next option is a better choice!



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