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Glue to RDS PostgreSQL connection.

This is a quick walk-through to create an RDS connection in Glue.

mim Armand
5 min readSep 26, 2023


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Creating an RDS connector in Glue is easy:

Step 1.

Go to AWS Glue and click on Connections menu.

Step 2.

Click on Create connection in the Connections section ( not the Connectors section! )

Step 3.

Here, you have two options:

  • JDBC: or Java Database Connectivity, is a typical bridge used to connect different applications and systems to relational databases; it’s more standard and cloud-agnostic. Use this if you want to connect to any database, but if your target is RDS ( like this article ), the next option is a better choice!
  • Amazon RDS: This is AWS’s native connection and is much simpler to setup and more robust in terms of maintenance, so we go with this option and would recommend you do the same if your target is RDS, otherwise use JDBC ( which is very similar in setup but you need to gather more information )

Please also enter a suitable name for your connection ( test01is not a good name except if you are doing a demo or a test )!

Step 4.

Select your Database Engine from the drop-down menu ( here we choose PostgreSQL )

Step 5.



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