Easy, cheap, and the safest VPN option!

Personal VPN server on AWS.

A guide for non-technical and technical persons.

mim Armand
5 min readJan 2, 2024



Let me start by why you should not do this (vs. commercial VPNs):

  • You can’t switch between different locations easily.


  • Safer than a commercial VPN
  • Faster than any other option
  • It’s very cheap or free ( but credit card is needed )
  • You don’t need to trust a company
  • IMO, it’s easier to set up! lol
  • You can share it with family and trusted friends

Note: you should know that VPN hides your network origin ( your IP address ), but that’s not the only way your location might be tracked. It’s just the most obvious way and the easiest to address!

Let’s get to it:

Step 1:

Create an AWS account and a user! It’s easier than it sounds, and still, this is the hardest part of this guide! so JUST DO IT!



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