Vacuum energy and Quantum fluctuation.

Proposition for a Casimir Engine/Experiment

A simple design to evaluate the existence of quantum vacuum energy/fluctuation and to exploit it as a source of propulsion.

mim Armand
9 min readOct 21, 2021



  • I do not believe in perpetual motion machines or any pseudo-science!
  • This is NOT a perpetual motion machine!
  • This is a proposition for an experiment.
  • An experiment can not claim anything before being done, so this article does not have any claim, other than conclusions based on different outputs.
  • I may be ( and most probably am ) wrong about some of my assumptions or understandings, if that’s the case, please help me find out about them and learn.
  • I also do not fully believe or even understand all the details, claims, and theories of quantum mechanics or QFT, these are active fields of study and subject to change, science is not religion and QFT is not a complete theory yet!
  • Personally, I’m not fully convinced that the Casimir effect between two parallel plates is created by virtual particles and quantum fluctuations. I say that to show that I’m not biased towards it. This is still under active study and there is no definitive answer yet (as far as I know). My experiment, however, is designed based on the QM/QFT explanation of it. that does not mean I agree or disagree with it.
  • I just find science/physics phenomenons like this fascinating and always tinker/think of ways/experiments to prove or disprove them for myself. this article is the result of one of those thought experiments. it’s not designed to offend you or your beliefs!
  • I should also mention ( again ) that I’m not an expert in this field and possibly completely wrong, but I think it’s helpful to share ideas no matter how stupid they are. at the very least, it will help me ( and potentially a couple more ) to learn.. distributing the knowledge!

“ The search for truth is more precious than its possession. ” — Albert Einstein

The Experiment / Engine:



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