Antigravity most probably does not exist, but if it did:

Where to find Anti-Gravity?!

If antigravity existed in the solar system, here is where we should look for it.

mim Armand
2 min readNov 29, 2021


Probably not!

We know that, based on observation and theories, most probably, antigravity does not exist. but theories can be incomplete and we like to verify hypotheses whenever possible. there are currently several experiments at CERN whose goals include examining if AntiMatter has negative mass (antigravity) by assuming that the equivalence principle does not apply to all exotic forms of matter ( IE AntiMatter ), as we already know that antimatters inertial mass can not be negative. (ALPHA-g, GBAR, AEgIS).

These experiments are very interesting, and also slow, it will take a couple of years before they produce any results, and even though they are not expected to discover antigravity if they do it would be an amazing surprise well deserved a Noble prize!

But, What if?!

Now, even though very improbable, let’s make a couple of crazy assumptions for just a minute!
Let’s assume that:

  • Antigravity exists.
  • Antigravity exists in the solar system (or did at some point).

If so:

  • What would happen to it?
  • Where would it go?

My guess:

I think if there were something in the inner solar system with antigravity characteristics, some of it, would probably collect in the stable LaGrange points (like the L4 and L5 for the earth and a few other planets and also the metaStable L3 to some lesser extent) and they would hang in there for a long time.


Sounds like an interesting (and silly!) fantasy, but to my knowledge, no one has looked for it there yet, of course, I may be completely wrong (lmk!), or there may be experiments/missions who did look for it at those points and I don’t know about them ( again lmk! ), but otherwise, it looks to me that if antimatter gets there it will be trapped because the Coriolis effect is supposed to roll it back as the…



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